David Clayton, Photographic Artist

In my work I look for the interesting beauty in the overlooked, photographing those objects, items and views which are often ignored. I intend my photographs to prompt the viewer to pause briefly for another look. I ask that they suspend judgement and observe without preconceptions. Too often we are told by others--teachers, parent, critics--what is ugly, what is beautiful, what is right. Seeing with these inculcated values we judge and move on. There is another way: Pause - Look - See. View what is there, not what we are told to see.


I studied photography at the Maine Photographic Workshops--now Maine Media College--in Rockport, Maine, with Eliot Porter, Les Line and Richard Procopio as well as studying design at RISD and photography and filmmaking at URI. I have served as a juror for photographic competitions in Rhode Island and have taught photography short courses there. 
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